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Be Alert, Not Anxious


We are all trying to deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19. Amidst all the stress and unpredictability, it is hard to find the right way to behave. However, choosing to lead your business with a clear mind will provide comfort to staff and colleagues.

If this is your choice, to continue and to lead, we want to help.

This digital care package is a collection of technology solutions and useful links to clear the mind and point a way through this social distancing period.


Customer Experience  | 2 minute read

Help support agents work from home


Mobilising support agents through remote working is a key priority due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

How can you maintain high standards of customer service at this time? Where do you start, when infrastructure or systems might not be in place?


Unified Communications | 5 minute read

Enable remote working during COVID-19

Communication tools for working at home

Many companies are preparing to protect the safety of their staff by enabling their employees to work from home. However, having staff working from home introduces many issues from social to technical.

Here are some IP communications options to consider when equipping your work-from-home team.


Facial Recognition | 3 minute read

Is facial recognition an option as we look for coronavirus answers?

Facial Recognition could help fight CoVID-19

The global picture surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing by the hour in every nation. The pandemic is placing a stark focus on the health risks associated with human touch.

Can facial recognition help with health measures?


COVID-19 Resources

Useful links to help you work from home


Working from home is going to be an adjustment for many. Doing so for an extended period is going to be a totally new experience. We've collected a few useful links to help you through the next few weeks of home working. Stay safe. Stay positive.

Personal Productivity

  • Setting yourself up at home through a set of preparatory steps from LinkedIn Learning
  • Look and sound great on a conference call on this video of useful tips from Lifehacker 
  • How to run great virtual meetings from the good folk at the Harvard Business Review 

Personal Care

  • All about COVID-19 through this great video from the Australian Department of Health
  • Dos and Dont's of Social Distancing in this (long) post from The Atlantic 
  • Cybersecurity tips when working from home from ZDNet 

COVID-19 Data Visualisation

  • Visualising Australian cases through this volunteer-run site which aggregates data from state health departments
  • World Health Organisation statistics on this global map

In Case You Missed It


Do you want to donate some of your idle computing power to help run simulations? Folding@Home is distributed computing project looking to develop treatment therapies for COVID-19. Download the app and the calculations run while you're idle.


Chinese citizen surveillance during the pandemic incorporates mobile location, social media and personal ID tagging across all transport modes.


While you bask in your toilet paper fort, think about when people didn't have or use toilet paper. There's a history to it all.

NEC Orchestrating a brighter world