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Welcome to Brighter from NEC Australia

Welcome to the holiday season edition


It’s time to celebrate a great era for technology.

Where did the last twenty years go? Time moves fast but technology seems to run much faster. A lot has changed and the 2020s will be no different. Technology will continue to change businesses, organisations and society.

Thank you for your readership, wishing you a wonderful festive season. You’ll see us in your inbox in February 2020.

Happy holidays!


Cyber Security | 2 mins Read

12 Cyber Tips for the Holiday Season

Holiday Season Cyber Security Tips

It's the festive shopping period. Many a cybercriminal is looking to be active and creative. Keep yourself safe online with these 12 cyber tips.


Unified Comms | 3 mins Read

The death of copper voice services - what it means for you

The death of copper voice services

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is well into its rollout across Australia. This means the process of residential and business copper landlines decommissioning is already well underway.

From a business telephony standpoint, long-standing technologies like traditional ISDN and landlines need to be migrated to alternate solutions. This could affect the operations of small business, enterprises and government agencies.

Organisations need to pay special attention to the migration of these services, as there may be critical functions dependent on them that are not immediately obvious. In other words, the way a phone system operates may not necessarily be the same after moving to NBN.


Display Solutions | 1 min Read

How green is your display?


No, not the colour but the environmental impact of your display. Here are five things you should know about choosing displays that promote a positive influence on the environment.


NEC |  2 mins Viewing

If your communications fail, what next?


Unforeseen service interruptions can have significant impact to your business. NEC can keep your systems operating with NECare, our maintenance and technical support service. With parts and technicians spread across Australia, NECare is the backup your business needs.

With our flexible contracts and 30 years of experience, contact us now about looking after your IT.


In The News


“It usually takes more time to convince people that your technology has changed the world than it does to invent a world-changing technology”

– Morgan Housel

Most technology is created a long time before it becomes commonly used. With the 2020s less than a month away, it’s worth thinking about how the technological landscape has changed over the last twenty years.

  • PalmPilot first released in 1996, was the popular Personal Digital Assistant in its time. The device used a stylus and handwriting recognition software for input coupled with a monochrome screen. Palm presaged having your digital life organised in your pocket.
  • Deep Blue the chess-playing computer developed by IBM played Gary Kasparov in 1996 and 1997. It was the first computer system to win a game against a chess world champion. Many years later, the same spirit of machine versus man led to AlphaGo. It was the Google AI software that defeated Lee Se-dol in the more complex and nuanced game, Go. In November of 2019, Lee Se-dol announced his retirement saying that AI cannot be defeated.
  • Windows 95 released to a lot of fanfare in August 1995, made the graphical user interface accessible to non-Mac users. The idea of a taskbar and the Start button is continued in Windows 10 today.

So what's the upshot?

While it feels like technology moves fast, the foundations of what we commonly use today are likely to be in existence now. The business of technology is about adaptation as well as invention.

In a B2B context, many large players are looking to evolve their offers in line with market demands. IBM, Microsoft and HPE are well-known organisations transitioning to open-source, cloud, software-defined and as-a-service businesses away from the traditional technologies that they made their name on. NEC too, continues to evolve. We apply technology to address business problems for customers and to solve community and social issues. After all, this is an industry and period of continual evolution. Keep your eyes open.


In Csae You Missed It


Larry Page and Sergey Brin say it’s time to let someone else drive. Sundar Pichai will now be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet. Both founders will remain on the Board of the company they founded in 1998.

Tesla is worth more than General Motors or Ford. They’ve come out with a truck and it’s nothing like anything seen before. Just don’t throw metal objects at the glass.


More Australians are intending to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle for their next car. Australians have been slower to take to the green car trend with petrol and diesel cars representing 97% of the market.

Begun, the streaming wars have. The full force of global streaming services are available in Australia. Stan and Foxtel have to compete against Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and now Disney+ and Apple TV+. This signals a significant change for consumer choice, the cost of entertainment, who makes movies and TV shows and who gets to see them. Maybe cable was easier?

As customer experience moves to the very core of how companies think about their relationship with customers, the role of the contract centre has become the critical linchpin to success. See our webinar on how companies are looking to artificial intelligence and cloud solutions to improve capabilities, reduce costs, and gain an end-to-end integrated view of the customer.


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