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I'm delighted to welcome you to Brighter, our NEC newsletter.

As a company, we are going through an exciting period of change. We want to do better with the knowledge that we have and the technology at our fingertips. In this customer-driven world, our aim is to be more connected, share value-adding insights and promote collaboration.

Brighter will be published every two months. Its purpose is to share our understanding of the tech world – what it means for you, your business and society at large. Today, technology moves culture more than ever and by sharing wisdom and ideas, we move the culture forward.

We’re glad you could join us. We look forward to your feedback and invite you to enjoy Brighter!

David Borean - GM, Marketing and Sales

David Borean

GM, Marketing and Sales

NEC Australia


Display Solutions

What makes a premium panel, premium?

Consumer vs Consumer Displays

One of the most frequent and inevitable questions end-user clients pose towards professional audio-visual designers is, "Why can't I just buy a cheap TV from (enter retail outlet name here)?"


Unified Comms

Phreaking phone bills

Phreaking Phone Bills

It’s sad to say, but criminals are trying to access your company’s phone network to make calls. It could end up costing you thousands of dollars and they could be trying to do it right now!



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Delivering world class technology for 50 years

We have delivered world-class technology solutions and services to customers across the globe, for more than a century.

For 50 years in Australia, we have built a sophisticated technology and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) company, bringing together the best technology and people to ensure our customers capture maximum value from their IT and networking investments.



Why move your contact centre to the cloud?

A holistic approach to cloud migration

Contact centres are integral to supporting customer relationships.

Investment in the right contact centre solution can have a profound impact on customer experience. Driving loyalty, raising purchase frequency, reducing customer churn or lower operational costs can be driven by the right solution.


In The News

It's Tech-tober!


With Christmas less than 70 days away, many tech companies want customers to upgrade:

So what's the upshot?

Hardware sales are an avenue to sell additional services. For Apple, Amazon and Google, the devices push users into music, video streaming and an AI assistant. The services add value to the hardware and helps retain customers.

In the B2B world, a similar pattern can be seen. For example, elevator manufacturers are using sensors and analytics to provide additional services to traditional sales. These services predict when potential problems could arise and help align elevator availability with demand, all for a fee.


In Case You Missed It


Government representatives from the UK, the US and Australia have sent an open letter to Facebook to reconsider its encryption plans on its messaging platforms. They have asked for “lawful access to the content of communications to protect … citizens”. The EFF is saying that Facebook should not comply.


SpaceX announced Starship, a reusable spacecraft with the capacity to take 100 people to Mars. The company plans for Earth orbit flights in 2020. Mars? Who knows?

The robotic dog, Spot, from Boston Dynamics is available for sale. You need to fill in a form and be cleared by Boston Dynamics before you can get one.

Guess which facial recognition software just got ranked best for accuracy? *spoiler alert*... It's NEC!


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